I had always pictured the birth of my first child to be a happy experience for our family. I had planned to have a natural birth, no gas, no epidural, no c-section, just an old-fashioned traditional birth. Sure, I was anticipating it be painful during delivery, after all I am a midwife who has witnessed many other natural births. But never in my wildest dreams had I foreseen what was about to happen to me. It was a memorable alright, but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.

In the blink of eye, the birthing suite went from 4 people in the room to 16. And that’s not because I had just given birth to a dozen babies! It was a code blue. It was an emergency. I’ll never forget the sound of my unborn child’s heart rate slow down to 60bpm only to skyrocket moments later. That was the first sign that my baby was distressed. Time was of essence and I began to push only for a shoulder dystocia to occur (ie my baby’s shoulder was stuck!) This meant that the wonderful team of midwives had to perform some complex internal maneuvers in order to release the shoulder. To top it off, an assisted vacuum delivery was performed (with no pain relief) to expedite the birth of my firstborn child. Ouch!

This resulted in a 3rd degree tear which meant I was whisked off shortly after the birth to undergo suturing in theatre. The recovery and rehabilitation was long and drawn out. I often wondered if a C-section would have been the way to go. The good news is I had given birth to a healthy baby boy, who turns 5 soon and has no recollection whatsoever of his traumatic entry into the world.

Understandably, it was recommended that my next birth was to be by c-section. However, a really caring midwife who knew my story, took me under her wing and encouraged me to have the birth that I had always dreamed of. Needless to say, I was extremely nervous about reliving my first birthing experience all over again. However, I took her advice and decided to go natural again in order to fulfill my original expectation of how a natural birth should be. And boy was it a success! A textbook birth! A beautiful baby girl was born.

I decided to have a water birth for my third child. Again, another textbook birth with no complications. And a happy, healthy boy to show for it. During this beautiful and miraculous process your body goes through a lot of postnatal changes. Your abdominal muscles and your pelvic area is stretched, pulled and pushed in order to deliver your baby. Even delivery via c-section requires a healing process where your abdominal area needs as much support and care as possible.

After the birth of my third baby I thought my stomach would hit the floor because it felt loose and flabby. This is when our postnatal belt was vital. Not only did the belt help to support my stomach and abs, it alleviated the pressure on my lower back. Childbirth can cause stress on the lower back, which can continue if you are breastfeeding. Our belts are designed to help you to sit up straighter and maintain a better posture, it can also help prevent lower back aches and also assisted my stomach regain a flatter appearance.

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